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Anna Bell Stokes*

Emma Sweatt Wallace*

Gladys Davis Simon*

Hazel Hainsworth Young*

Lillie Vance Chester*

Marie Viola Butler Taylor*

*  Ivy beyond the wall.

In 1928, at a meeting at Wesley Chapel AME Church in Houston, Texas, six young women, Gladys Davis Simon, Hazel Hainsworth Young, Lillian Vance Chester, Marie Viola Butler Taylor, Anna Belle Stokes and Erma Sweat Wallace, discussed the possibility of starting a graduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. After careful and intuitive deliberations, they formulated the necessary procedures for the subsequent chartering of Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter. Since its humble beginnings, over 80 years ago, the dynamic leadership of 35 presidents, coupled with the noteworthy contributions of its members, the chapter boasts of having realized significant accomplishments that characterize, and lend credence to, our motto of “Service to All Mankind”.

A capsulated account of myriad programs are indicative of the support that we have given, and continue to give, in areas that are most needy: Education (through scholarships and tutoring); Cultural Arts (Ensemble Theater); Senior Citizens (Beale Village and Hester House), Families (YWCA and the Star of Hope); Social, Civic and Charitable Organizations (NAACP, UNCF, HAUL, Amanda Ann Nursing Home, Delpchin Children’s Center); Hospitals (St. Elizabeth’s and Riverside – formerly Negro Hospital). We have adopted schools and families in the Houston area and even built two schools in Africa. This incomplete chronicle of what we have been about has earned for Alpha Kappa Omega, and individual members, numerous awards and recognitions.

Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter Members

We are proud of those members of our chapter who have lent their time, talents, and resources to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority on the International level and in the South Central Region: 
Mattelia B. Grays, 18th International President; Faye B. Bryant, 21st International President; *Ester Payne, International Parliamentarian; Berna Greer, International Treasurer; Nekedria Brown, 2nd International Vice President and Member-at-Large;  and Melba J. Henry, Chairman, Centennial Diamond/Golden/Silver Sorors Anniversary Committee. Additionally, M. Viola Butler Taylor*, Olivette Jones Morgan*, Besselle Attwell*, Mattellia B. Grays, Faye B. Bryant, Jewel M. Thomas*, Polly S. Turner and Gwendolyn J. Brinkley served as South Central Regional Directors. 

As our award winning chapter embarks on the celebration of its 86th anniversary, we continue to subscribe to the aspirations, ideals, and goals of our national founders and our charter members, and have determined that their vision, originality, spirituality and foresight will forever serve as guiding lights for Alpha Kappa Omega. Our membership has grown from the original six to over 500, and we are dedicated to the success of the International Programs of the sorority and Supreme President Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, and her programs, Launching New Dimensions of Service


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