Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 Executive Committee

Marsha Penn

Vice President
Cherise Story

Recording Secretary 
Pippa Brown-Andrews

Assistant Recording Secretary
Andrea Bonner

Corresponding Secretary
Brenda Morris Davis

Diana Johnson

Financial Secretary 
Tishauna Washington

Assistant Financial Secretary
LaTosha McGill Clayton

Shalondra Moore

Mary Smith Johnson

Reporter to the Ivy Leaf 
Jocquelyn Henry Roberson

Donna Miles


Gamma Psi
Erica Smith

Epsilon Lambda 
Patricia Roberts 

Omicron Gamma 
Dina Williams

Karen Grays

Charlyn Kyles

Bettye Narcisse 

Lisa Brooks     

Yolanda Murdock Wiltz 


I am very honored to serve as your Basileus! Thank you for your belief in me and for all of your calls, texts, emails, voice messages and
cards of congratulations, support  and encouragement in my new position as Basileus of Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter. I am looking forward to working with all chapter members, as we embark upon my Vision of Transparency, Inclusiveness and True Sisterliness for our chapter.


I am excited to bring forward several new concepts for chapter operations as well as to revive and blend several traditional concepts for which Alpha Kappa Omega has always been known.


Together, we will ensure that Alpha Kappa Omega remains in the forefront of providing impactful and meaningful service to our communities. And at the same time, ensuring that we provide enrichment and support to our own chapter members.


It is also my goal and hope that when we convene every month for chapter meeting, you will feel energized and motivated to attend and that when you leave the meeting, you will feel invigorated, uplifted and inspired to accomplish all of your desires.


I will live by the words I spoke during my election speech. These words were spoken from my heart and will forever remain in my heart.



In service and in love,

Marsha Penn, Basileus


 Marsha A. Penn
Chapter President

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